Kamakura Mindfulness Lab.


Nature & Sustainability
We co-create the “wisdom necessary for the future” in the midst of the evolution of technology such as artificial intelligence and climate change, while capitalism is at a standstill.

Awareness & Possibility
We discover and spread the "wisdom to enhance human potential" based on the world of awareness called mindfulness.

Art & Science
We create a place of learning in Kamakura, a traditional cultural city surrounded by the sea and mountains and rich in nature, where people can learn “universal wisdom that combines cutting-edge technology and science with Japanese and Oriental culture”.

Our Business
(1) Planning support for corporate management, organizational development, human resource development, and educational programs required for the new era
(2) Implementaion of mindfulness in the fields of business, education, welfare, and administration
(3) Creation of a global place to learn and experience using the entire traditional Japanese city of Kamakura as a campus - “Mindful city Kamakura”

Miko Shishido

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President, ZEN2.0 General Incorporated Association
Director, 21st Century Learning Institute
Dean, Faculty of Body & Mind, Kamakura Machi University
Producer, Waseda Neo, Waseda University

Lives in Kamakura. Graduated from Azabu High School
B.S., Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo
Completed Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
After working for IBM Japan Corporation, joined alue (ex Edufactory), a corporate human resource development company, from its founding period.
He was involved in a wide range of corporate human resource development, from global human resource development for major companies to training for managers and young employees, as the person in charge of setting up the instructor division.
After becoming independent, he served as a director of Innocentive Inc. and then launched Kamakura Mindfulness Lab, Inc. and became its representative director.
He produces a variety of learning opportunities based in Kamakura, as well as training in human resource development and creating learning organizations where individuals can move autonomously.
He also founded ZEN2.0, an international forum for Zen and mindfulness in Kamakura, together with Mr. Miki of Enmono and others.
He has been sailing since his college days and participated in the 2001 World Team Racing Championships as a representative of Japan (18th place). He has participated in the Seed Sports Class All-Japan Championships for 15 consecutive years (runner-up in 2004). He is the first Japanese to participate in the Tiwal Cup in France in 2019.